Saturday- January 18

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The pantry is still coming along, and can't wait for it to be complete, however, we had some issues as I had previous mentioned, with our second washroom's sewer line so Gerry took a break from pantry work yesterday to work on the sewer line.
We were actually going to just leave it till Spring, then Gerry thought of getting a plumber to come fix it- as we really are spoiled with our 2 toilets in the house! 
I told him a plumber would cost too much and could he do the work. He said he could- would rather not though as it was working in cramped quarters, etc., but after thinking it through and me convincing him about doing it the "frugal way", he decided to take the afternoon off work yesterday, ( with pay still of course), and went to work on it.
He said the ground had shifted I guess,( as we do live on unstable ground here. Our lot and alot around here were originally just filled in swamp), and had caused the line to move and all the water had been sitting ion one spot frozen.
Parts costed him a total of $30 plus $15 for a bag of lime=$45
He spent about 5 hours on it- that included the time to clean up.
Saved  plumber fees  plus $90 in material costs because he reused existing line that was there.
Total savings approx $250-$300!


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