Saturday- January 11

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well, I must say, in our small town, there isn't much left for Christmas "leftovers". 75% off most things that are left- but most of it is picked over- but still fun to look at the great deals! Who doesn't love a good clearance shelf!

Erika and Jon left today as well, so we said our good byes- but I said I wasn't going to cry because it isn't 'good bye', it's just see you later. I feel bad for Jakey though with both the girls gone now. He got used to them popping over when they did their laundry and came for a visit. At least I can still email with them and know where they are at. He only will know their gone.

Gerry bought the materials today ($220) to start on the pantry and already got the frame done-but not first without having a minor accident of hitting his hand bad with the hammer!


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