Monday- January 13th

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well, Erika and Jon made it safe and sound to Calgary- alot of driving- and with 2 pets. Movers arrived this morning so they are just trying to get settled in. They have friends there already, and Erika lived there for a year before when taking her first year accounting. Jon has a week before he starts his new job there and Erika has put in some applications at some banks in the area.(She is as well still doing her distance ed for accounting- year 2).

Our sewer line froze last night. Water has been coming up- and trying to get it moving again by dumping a pail of hot water down once the water goes down. Seems to be coming along but still issues.Gerry is having to crawl under trailer today after work- in the dark, and try to see if he can get it unplugged. Figures it's ice though. Good thing for us we do have two toilets! Not good for him to have to crawl under there in the cold and in the dark and only a head light on his head.

Making some bread crumbs but only have a small food chopper- does the job but think a mini food processor could do so much better. With this little chopper it sometimes smells like something is burning! Need to review a food processor I think!

See it won't be long till tax time rolls around again. Gerry always gets quite a bit back because of the fact that they take alot off his cheques and I don't work outside the home. A tax return is always something to look forward to. We only have his truck and our mortgage to pay off. So have increased payments on those and as well, and have opened another ING Direct sub savings account called our $1,000 Savings Account. So I'll just move money into there as we have it to spare each payday. Once we get $1,000 I'll just pay that on the truck or mortgage. Gerry really is tired of working - 30 years+ and only a few more years left to retire, but if I can help shave off another few years for him, I will! This will definitely help.

We almost have enough points on our Master card for another $100 gas gift card- which will be nice to have once we begin travelling again in the Spring. We use the card but always pay for what we purchase on it, the same day, through our online banking. I signed us up today as well for the AMEX Gold Rewards card. Looks like a great opportunity to earn points for a free flight or hotels. 

*** Update- never speak too soon. So much for having two toilets.
Gerry was under the trailer tonight and I guess we won't be able to use the toilet till the Spring when things start un-thawing. hmmm...


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