Saturday- January 25

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just thinking how we are at the end of the month now, and that much closer to Spring! Can't wait! Snow coming down hard though today.

We do have plans to already head out in April. Gerry is going to a conference in Scottsdale, Arizona the first week of April. Never been to Arizona! But I know it's warm and that I love. I will be able to tag along providing I'm paying my own airfare. He doesn't have full days so will be nice to try to get in some sightseeing as well. A possible trip to the Grand Canyon would be nice too. So I have begun planning that trip. If you live in the area, or have ever been there, I'd love to hear about must sees, things to look for or things to avoid.

Threw a turkey in the oven this morning- the last of the two I had in my Santa packs. Will be nice to have it cooked up and freeze the meat.

Cookie baking this morning too- so I could try out the new baking chips from Enjoy Life Foods.These are a Dark Chocolate Morsel with 69% Cacao.The chocolate  is dairy, nut and soy free . These are the latest addition to their already best selling Semi-Sweet Mini Chips and Semi-Sweet Mega.
The cookies turned out so yummy- that it's so hard to eat just one! And I love their baking chips the most because they are a good quality and dairy free for someone like me who has food issues if not a darker chocolate.

Gerry still working away on the pantry and should be done by today he said! Exciting. I got some nice contact paper the other day that will do all the shelves for only $9 with the tax for the roll. we get more photos as soon as this is done.

On a final note before we head out for our Saturday errands, I wanted to share a great story about Mastercraft tools.

                                        OLD SAW

                                          NEW SAW

Gerry's Mastercraft maximum miter saw recently died on him. A new one would have costed him approx. $300 he figured. Although Mastercraft told us on the phone it did have a lifetime warranty, we no longer had the receipt as we had turned it in years earlier for a recall. Our local Canadian Tire told us they couldn't honor the return as the product was no longer in their system and only had a 5 year warranty with them. Se we made some calls. In the end, Mastercraft ended up honoring a lifetime warranty with no receipt!
Today Gerry gets to go to Canadian Tire and get himself a new saw that was authorized by Mastercraft. Since the other one is no longer is stock he gets one that is similar and the cost of $499 plus tax.So we are quite happy with the results of that. It does pay to contact the manufacturer if you feel you did not get the results you wanted at a store level.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.


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