Book Review: The GL Diet For Dummies

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I often TRY to eat healthier and always reading something that MAY help me lose some weight or at least keep the scaling from moving up. I got a book I've been reading from Wiley that I think will help, if I could only stick to following all the great tips, recipes and suggestions that they give for healthier eating. It is called, The GL Diet For Dummies.” In case you’re unfamiliar with what GL means, it stands for Glycemic Load.

The GL of food is the number that estimates how much the food will raise a person’s glucose level after eating it. Carbohydrates break down into glucose and therefore GL load shows how quickly blood sugars will rise.  Foods with a low Glycemic Load release their glucose more slowly so you maintain stable energy levels for longer.

The book, The GL Diet For Dummies, explains the science behind this diet. This book is very well written and I love the easy to read format. The GL Diet For Dummies, can help you lose weight and stay healthy, without calorie counting. It also comes with 80 recipes to try. I would really recommend this book to anyone, who is looking to change their eating habits. 

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