The Top Rated- Promised Land Zoo- Branson

Friday, April 24, 2015

Another excursion we’re taking next month in Branson is to the Promised Land Zoo (PL zoo.) It is a top rated zoo, and Branson’s only zoo. It is family owned and operated, and dedicated to giving every visitor a personalized zoo experience.

We love animals and can’t wait to visit the PL zoo. While you’re at the PL zoo there are so many unique opportunities to see the animals. One way to view the animals is to take the Foot Safari. This is where you will see exhibits of animals from all around the world. Such as zebra, kangaroos and lemurs. There are 9 acres to cover, on the Foot Safari, and you can really get up close to the animals. This could take about 2 hrs to cover everything, and sounds really fun.

Promised Land Zoo also offers Exclusive Encounters. These are special behind the scenes experiences. Each encounter has 10-20 min of play time, where you can feed, pet and play with the group of animals that you choose. Some of the Encounters that are available are the Big Cat Tour, The Owl Encounter and The Two-Toed Sloths Encounter (there are 4 more encounters besides these too.) I may want to do the Sloths Encounter while I’m there, since I have never seen one in person before, and it would be really exciting to be able to feed, play and give them back scratches!

The zoo also has Live Animal shows, Bottle Feeding Babies, and a Parakeet Paradise for visitors to enjoy. This looks like such a great zoo, and we can’t wait to explore it in person! 

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