Spring Cleaning With Frank

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Canadian Tire has many products for your Spring cleaning needs. Especially from the Frank line of products. They have a variety of cleaning products, such as glass cleaner, disinfecting bleach, or all purpose ammonia cleaner.

Frank also has products to use with the different cleaners. Such as the Frank Spray Mop or the Twist Mop. They also have sponges and a few different kinds of cloths for cleaning. Or if you need to do some dusting there is the Frank Chenille Telescopic Duster.

Of course if you do all this cleaning you may need to throw some things out. And there is a wide selection of Frank trash bags to choose from also.
I had never tried the Frank line of products till I had gotten some to review, and I really find they are of equal quality to most leading brands. Give them a chance- try them out!

             Great Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks From Canadian Tire 

1. De-clutter before you clean. Spring is the perfect time to switch from a winter to summer wardrobe, pack away winter decor and throw out old newspapers and magazines. Clearing shelves, counters and closets will make getting into those areas to clean that much easier!

2. Go room by room. Start in one room and clean one area at a time to ensure nothing is missed. This is a great way to feel accomplished as you complete each room of the home.

3. Always dust first. Take everything off shelves, tabletops and dressers and wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to trap dust.  Anything that falls to the floor will be picked up by the vacuum.

4. Freshen up the fridge. Clean out the fridge, discarding any moldy food. Check best-before dates and toss any products that have expired or look the least bit questionable. Wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner.

5. Take out the trash. Wash out trash cans with soap, water and disinfectant spray. Keep your trash can germ and odor-free by using scented, organic compost bags.

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  1. Thanks for this posting, I was unaware of this product at CTC, I will check them out.


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