Branson's Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

Thursday, April 30, 2015

We are really looking forward to going to the Hollywood WaxMuseum Entertainment Center in Branson. This is a classic attraction, and is located on Highway 76. It is located in the center strip in Branson. And has been open there, since 1996.

The Hollywood Wax Museum was revamped just in the last year, and it will be incredible to see all the stars on display there. They have all new stars that are unbelievably sculptured to look like your favorites. They have on display the most famous stars from your most treasured movie sets.

Visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum, you will be transported to different places. Like you will feel like you are walking down the red carpet, or following the Yellow Brick Road. You will beam aboard the Star-ship Enterprise, see superheros and villains, you can even put on a wedding dress and feel like you're marrying a star!

Although we will just be visiting the  Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, there are other attractions to see, while you are there. Such as The Castle of Chaos, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, and you could even play mini golf at the the Shoot for the Stars course. They even have an all access pass you could purchase too! 

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