Lost Canyon Nature Trail - Branson, Missouri

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Next month when we're in  Branson, we're going to visit the Lost Canyon Nature Trail at Top of the Rock. The Lost Canyon Nature Trail, is a spectacular attraction that you can’t find anywhere else. We are really excited about going there in May.

At the Top of the Rock, is the 2-and-half mile Lost Canyon Nature trail. Guests ride along in an electric cart, and view stunning and dramatic features of nature. While on the trail, visitors will see beautiful rock formations, Table Rock Lake, and drive through Lost Canyon Cave. It promises to be a remarkable experience.

The Lost Canyon experience begins at the Top of The Rock Welcome Center. From there, visitors  go on a trek that is dotted with waterfalls, natural rock formations and covered Amish bridges. Guests will be steeped in adventure and history all along the trail.

The first stop as you meander along is the awe inspiring Lost Canyon Cave. The centerpiece of the four story cave is the cascading waterfalls. The cave also features a cave bar, which serves favorite beverages, including the famous “John L Lemonade.”

From the Welcome Center, the Lost Canyon Cave, to the breathtaking summit everyone is sure to enjoy the Lost Canyon Nature Trail. We can’t wait to experience this ourselves! Doesn't it look fabulous?!


  1. I love to read all the things about your travels, we bought an RV to do the same how ever I am to sick to make use of it and may have to sell it, I don't comment on them all but read them all and would love to see more! I am a bit sad about the whole thing but your posts always give me hope, we have been doing this since I was a child but in a trailer and tent, finally bought and RV and a year later it was too late. So happy you are making the most of it and sharing! Happy RVing

  2. Aww thanks - this was very touching to read. My hubby said that he hopes that things will improve for you. It's impossible then for you to travel now?


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