And Then She Was Gone

Saturday, June 13, 2015

      Daughter Ria, in from Honduras for 2 weeks, left here yesterday and flew out today. Gerry drove her to the airport- 5 hours+ away and just on his way back now. Boy the time went quick and we all miss her already! Even Jakey misses her- used to sleep with her in the guest room and went out with her for "smoke breaks" on the front step.

"Enjoyed your visit Ria- and hope to see you again soon. Sure wish I was as photogenic as you :) You always did take good pictures :) "



  1. Wow! Honduras what a long way from home! Is she a teacher? She is very pretty! I thought you only had one daughter,must be sad to see her go! You have a warm place to visit in the winter. Is she there for a long time or just a few years?

  2. She helps out in a dive shop. Thank you for your comments- and yes, two girls: Ria and Erika- both have done some of our reviews you may see. Not sure I want to go away to Honduras for the winter though- maybe at some point a short visit to see it- BUT very expensive as well to get there, bad flight times, etc. She is also there with her fiance- spends a few months there during winters.


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