Review: Cookina

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reviews by Erika and Monique

Cookina is a company that makes reusable non stick products for everyday use. Cookina products will have you cooking like a pro, because it is made from revolutionary material. Cookina looks like a piece of plastic, but it is heat resistant, and won’t burn.

It retains heat and is non-stick. It allows you to cook without using grease or oils to coat the surface. After you're done cooking, you can wash it in soap and warm water, and then it is ready to reuse again. This really helps you to cook healthy too, with out all the extra grease or fats.

Cookina also holds no odor or flavors from previous uses. You can cook any type of food on it and not worry about it tasting like what you had used it for previously. You can use it in the oven or on your barbecue. It’s also good for health grills and sandwich makers too.

Erika says: The Cookina baking sheet made baking a breeze! "One feature I liked was that you can cut it to size to fit any sort of baking sheet or pan. My cookies slid right off of the Cookina sheet with no sticking - I didn't even have to use a spatula! It's also easy to clean and doesn't have any after cooking odors. I look forward to using my Cookina baking sheet over and over again!"
Monique says: " Cookina baking sheets make baking fun! No stick, no foil, awesome!"

Erika says: "the Cookina BBQ sheet prevents the sauces from dripping down into the BBQ and you can just kinda scoop it back on as it runs off and put it back."
Monique says: "Gerry found it nice how everything cooked on it was completely no stick!"

Monique says: "Cookina Gard is awesome for the bottom of the oven. It can be reused many times by just washing with soapy water, and keeps all the spills contained to the bottom of the oven on the non stick sheet! I was surprised that even when I used the broiler at 525 degrees this did no overheat, curl up, or change its appearance in the oven. Love it!"

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  1. I really like this product for the bottom of the stove, excellent.


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