Time to Re-Decorate the RV!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Well, I really hadn't planned on renovating and re-decorating the RV, BUT I was on Pinterest and damn that Pinterst -LOL. People are on their making their RV's and campers more homier and getting rid of that camper look, and well, one thing led to another and since we have all the renovating done here in the trailer, might as well move to the RV! After all, we are planning to snow bird with it this winter and I'd love it to seem less camper like. So stay tuned for great before and after posts.

The RV has alot of gold in it- one thing I'd like to get rid of. We already replaced the shower head and taps in there from white to gold and you can see below what he did with the fixtures in the bedroom:

Went from gold to white, makes a big difference. Will be starting with that end of the RV and renovating the bedroom first I think. Watch for more updates from us!


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