Review: Caress Forever Collection - A Long-Lasting, Sweet Scent

Saturday, June 13, 2015

There is a  new line of products called the Caress Forever Collection. Which includes two lines of products in body washes - the Love Forever and the Adore Forever collection. They are of course geared towards a female to use them.
We always have body wash in the shower- Gerry has his, and I have mine.

These body washes are the  first to use Fragrance Touch Technology. This technology is, once you touch your skin it will release the fragrance for up to 12 hrs. They have Fragrance Release Pearls, which gives you a burst of perfume every time you touch your skin all day long. After using it in the morning, I could smell it on my hands for the longest time whenever I was at the computer here and would rest my hand on my chin.

The Love Forever body wash has a rich floral scent. It is a sweet blend of berries and Scarlet Red Rose. There are also different layers of scents in it including, mandarin orange, peach, peony, freesia, sandalwood, and vanilla too. The Adore Forever body wash is a romantic fragrance. It has touches of honey, vanilla and freshly picked, Angel Face Rose. The other scents in the Adore Forever are raspberry, cassis, muguet and amber. Ria had wanted to try it in the shower before she left to go back to Honduras, but never got the chance... but had tried both on her hands and like me, we both had a preference of Adore Forever. 
It also left a nice soft feeling to my skin once I got out of the shower. 

It's definitely a product I would stand behind saying that it was worthy of buying.

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