3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Car in Canada

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Researching a car before the even taking a look at in person is an important part of any car purchase, and it’s especially more so when we’re talking about used cars. When you’re actually talking about a car that you intend to own, it’s not all about reviews, ownership plays a major part too. Thus, there are some tips that you should acknowledge to help you better utilize your time researching any used car models.

1.     Understand Your Needs

            First, you should know what car you actually need. Think about this holistically, and it’s also prudent to prepare for the future. How many passengers do you need to seat? Is it a car for grocery runs? Is it supposed to be a working vehicle? Do you want a toy for the weekend? These are all questions you should ponder on before looking for cars. For example, if you’re planning to start a family, an MPV may prove to be more suitable.

            Once you have a vague idea of what you want, you can then begin to look for a broad range of used cars you need online. If you have a more specific need, like a comfortable ride and roomy cabin, begin to search for car reviews and skim to the review verdicts. These will generally include the pros and cons of each vehicle and provide you with a robust predicate to work on.

            Also, you should also know what features and amenities you want in your car. Things like an infotainment system, climate control, sunroof, advanced active safety features, leather seats, etc. These will also affect the cost. Some features are sought after, so it’ll be worth the trouble looking for a well-equipped car just to boost the resale value.

2.     Fix a Budget

This is perhaps the most important rule that you should abide by. Set a budget and ensure that you stick to it religiously. For used cars though, it’s not an absolute rule that you should adhere to since it’s at times beneficial to be able to stretch your budget a little. If there’s a trim or even another model that’s more appropriate for your application or even if you like it more, it might just be worth the extra cash. Shopping around car loans for people with bad credit can take even more research.

            If you think that you’re someone easily influenced by sweet talks from the salesperson though, or even if you’re someone that’s a bit overenthusiastic in your shopping, bring a rational friend or family along with you that’ll gladly pull you out of it.

            Crucially, ensure that you take into account the ownership costs. You have to actually take care of the car after buying it, and that means maintenance, fuel and major repairs. Also do take note that as fuel prices rise, a fuel efficient vehicle is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, and thus will generally be able to retain their value better.

       3. Research Online

            When you know what type of car you want and have set a budget, you can begin to narrow down the list to a few cars. Once you have done so, you can start searching for information online. One of the most important resources that you should always leverage, especially for used cars, is online documentation of the vehicle. Also, try to understand what trim packages are worth it, and what isn’t.

            If it’s a popular car, or even a particularly niche car, it will have an owners’ club or forum online that you can use to know how it's like owning the car. You can know the defects and flaws that you should look out for too. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll even be able to find a buying guide online that can give you important pointers to guide you through your purchase or getting a car loan in Ontario. This is where you should spend a lot of time on so that you can avoid ending up with a lemon.

Bottom Line

            It’s only 3 basic guidelines that are seemingly simple. However, it’s important that you always keep these in mind whenever you’re shopping for used cars. If needed, you can always go down to your local dealers and check out their inventory, which can aid you to better ascertain the type of car you need.

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