Why Buyers Still Have the Power at Car Dealerships

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It’s an exciting adventure exploring the world of car purchases especially for first-timers. However, deciding upon a dealership is as important as the car purchase itself, and there are precautions you should take to avert a potential headache. Moreover, there exist some basic guidelines that should be taken during initial visits to any car dealership.

Searching for the right car dealership

            For the common folks, the actual distance to a dealership will be a major factor. While some may tell you to just go with your local dealership, in most cases it may be worth the trouble travelling further to another dealership. A car isn’t something that you’ll go through in a year or two, so take your time to ring up all the potential purveyors within a reasonable vicinity. This is more important if you’re looking for used cars, as vehicles prices will generally vary between provinces too. If you’re a well-oiled petrol head with a thirst for rare exotics, you may not even find the ideal candidate between countries.

            Back in the old days, you might have to ring up the dealerships individually and solicit offers. Nowadays though, any used or new car dealership should have a page or even website of their own with an online-accessible inventory to browse through. This can save you lots of time, but you should still call the dealership beforehand as a reassurance.

            Another telltale sign of a reputable dealership is whether if it’s mentioned online. Look up the dealership name online and search for online reviews. While not always reliable, it provides a rough gauge to a dealership’s creditability.

            It is also crucial that you identify what kind of loaning network that the dealership works with. A trustworthy dealership will only work with reputable lenders, and it’s a green light if they disclose this information freely. This is where you should do your share of research online, or contact the dealer directly to inquire.

            While not quite as relevant, it’s imperative for you to recognize what kind of sales and after-sales service the dealership offers that you should leverage. For example, some offer professional financial advice, online trade-in appraisals, carefully curated catalogue and plenty of used-car warranties for the all-important peace of mind ensuring the vehicles are actually ready to drive straight out of the lot.

Stepping into the dealership

            When you step into the dealership, it is important to immediately take note of the surroundings. A car dealership should effuse a relaxed, laid-back experience that prioritizes the customer above all. Prepare to walk out at any time, and always bring a friend along that’ll gladly rationalize every decision that you’re about to make. Don’t grow emotionally attached to any car on the lot. If the dealer deems that you’re an earnest customer, the dealer may even call back with a better proposal.

            Don’t fall for the sweet-talks salespersons that are over-enthusiastic at coaxing money out of your wallet. A reasonable and pleasant dealership should have salespersons that are helpful, but not over-aggressive in their sales pitch. Just nod your head to overzealous salespersons, and do your browsing at your own pace.

            These are just a few considerations to take into account when you’re looking for a car dealership, used or new. The Internet has made researching various dealerships much easier, and harder for unscrupulous dealerships to trick their victims. However, the same rule applies to buying anything high-cost - be cautious and very patient. Money is the talker, and you always have an edge over the dealership as long as you’re the buyer. 

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