Thursday, October 18, 2018

Flaming Gorge Dam, Utah - Missed Part of It- Arrived Too Late

Just like Chevy Chase on his visit to Wally World- we missed the Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Centre being opened and seeing more of the dam today, by 2 days. I guess the Visitor Centre closed for the season October 16th so the walkway over the dam was closed.

Located just outside of Dutch John the Dam is quite the site to behold. Free admission and plenty of parking for viewing. 

Towering 502 feet above the Green River. and completed in 1964, the Flaming Gorge Dam was built to provide water storage and hydroelectric power. The Dam is managed by the US Bureau of Reclamation and is the major hydroelectric dam along the Green River system.

Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility- Wyoming

So glad we stopped today on the way out of town from Rock Springs, Wyoming.
They have a Wild Horse Holding Facility not far out of town. A must see - especially for animal lovers.

The Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility is the only federal off-range corral and preparation facility in Wyoming. The facility houses approximately 800 wild horses, primarily gathered from Wyoming herd management areas. These horses can also be adopted for $125 each the sign said.

The facility also serves as a rest stop location for wild horses being transported eastbound from western states. The viewing kiosk overlooking the facility is also open year-round. This is the closest we could get. Even Jakey was watching them and listening to them all making their neighs!