Be A Safer Driver In 3 Simple Steps

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

If you are quick to anger and you’ve been known to get a little hot under the collar when a driver cuts you up, or you become frustrated when you are following a slower vehicle, it might be time to change up your driving habits. Road rage can cause accidents. And if you find yourself doing a little over the speed limit, you sometimes have to brake a little hard, and your passengers don’t enjoy traveling with you, you need to sort out your driving. Take a look at these simple stereos you can take to become a safer driver.

Be Alert And Aware

Ensure that you focus on the things around you when you hit the road, rather than focusing on yourself. Yes, you might need to get to an appointment or you might be late for work, but it’s better for you to get there a little late than not there at all. Taking too many risks can result in a collision that is your fault, meaning that you will need to rely on car wreck lawyers. Instead, be mindful of any potential hazards around you. This might include pedestrians, other drivers, debris in the road or wildlife. Always think two or three steps ahead and keep your eyes on the road. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by your car stereo, your satnav or the other driver flashing their lights at you from behind.


To ensure that you have a safe vehicle, you need to maintain it. This means getting it serviced every year, and ensuring that all fluid levels and tire pressures are checked weekly. Doing this means that you will never run low on oil or antifreeze. If your car tires are losing their tread, get them replaced. If you spot an oil leak, get it sorted at your local garage. Maintaining your vehicle also means that your set of wheels will last longer and be more reliable. You will also be the proud owner of a car with a full service history meaning that the resale value will be kept at a maximum.

Stay Legal

When you are driving, make sure that you adhere to all laws. Speed limits are present for a reason and are always in force to prevent accidents and fatalities. When it is raining or the weather is foggy, ensure that you maintain a safe braking distance behind the driver in front. Maintain a two second braking rules in normal conditions and double it in wet weather. If you are driving long distances on a regular basis, take plenty of breaks; at least once every couple of hours. Truck and lorry drivers have to do this by law, so it’s a good safe habit to get into. Ensure that you pull over, have a coffee and maybe even a power nap before you set off again.

Never think that you are above the law or a better driver than anyone else. While you can be as defensive and as safe as possible, you also need to consider the actions and driving habits of those around you. Stay alert and always adhere to the law. By following this guide, you can be a safer and better driver.

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