Must See On Your Trip to Orlando, Florida- The Blue Man Group!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Review by: Ria and Chris

If you happen to be in an area that has the Blue Man Group – definitely GO!!! After spending the day at Universal Studios Orlando, it was a quick walk over to Universal Citiwalk and the venue for the Blue Man Group. Even after reading some reviews, I was still not sure what to expect with this show but it did not disappoint! It was entertaining and very comical. I had read that there was a “poncho zone” (the front row seats where guests might get splashed by liquids coming off the stage!) and that the performers interact with the audience during the show.  

The show is approx. 90 minutes long, with no intermission but the time seemed to fly by. Show up on time to avoid disrupting the show! One of my favorite parts (that I am sure must be staged!) was the shaming of the “late arrivals”, where they stopped their performance to shine lights on and film the people who were coming in once the show had already started! They played a “You’re late, you’re late” song while the tardy guests were being seated!

There is no talking done by any of the Blue Men, but their actions and facial expressions convey their moods, annoyances and the friendship they share with each other. Music is made by using PVC instruments, large drums and accompanied by a live band playing tribal-ish music behind them. The show has great audience interactions where they come out into the crowd to perform skits, release giant inflatable balls into the audience and a part where they asked everyone to stand up and perform “rock moves” and booty shaking! The black-light costumes of the band and the colors of the paint they use in their act makes it artistic and fun for all ages to watch.

We even got a chance to have our photos taken with the band that plays the music during the show as well as one of the Blue Men! They were all very patient and stood for many, many photos with their fans!! I would definitely return to watch another show if I get the chance and I hear that they change their material to keep the show fresh!

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