Planning a Visit to Arizona State Parks

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A very geographically and culturally significant area of land in Arizona, US, is named as Arizona State Park. There are quite a few of these preserved by the state itself due to the natural and recreational resources they provide. Along with weekend plans and resorts located near natural miracles, these parks also offer adventure sports, games, and other activity spots.
History and Geography

Arizona State parks consist of both state parks and state historical parks. There are books been written on the variety of rich heritage these places have to offer. For example, Lake Havasu State Park. Based and located on the Lake Havasu, it belongs to the Mohave Country. It has various outdoor recreations like camping, boating, and is famous for fishing programs.
Perfect Winter Destination
Arizona has to be the best way to avoid the cold too! With the day temperature ranging around 70-degree Fahrenheit, the temperature at night slightly falls to the freezing level, occasionally. It is considerably warmer, more comfortable, and almost non-snowy with respect to the other places or destinations people opt for, in winters. There is a plethora of winter sports options available for the tourists, as well as the locals. Fishing is widely practiced throughout the year. You can also indulge in the hunting of elk, deer, and wild turkey if you are up for it.
The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of Arizona. It is sad how people often recognize Arizona with the mention of the Grand Canyon only. It has a lot of sports to offer like rafting, running, helicopter, hiking along with pretty sightseeing adventures. It is also considered among the best hiking trails in the world. It also has a grand marathon is a 78-mile race that requires over 24 hours and is organized on a yearly basis.
Versatile Range
From winter sports to treks and camping, Arizona State Parks have it all. There are about 31 state parks partly or wholly manages by the Arizona State Parks Government Agency. Although many parks were closed in 2010 due to a shortage of funds, most have been reopened recently and are a spectacular location to spend your vacation.
If you don’t want winter to come upon you and your family, book tickets, and visit Arizona today. With almost 40% of its income coming from tourism, this place has more than enough to enrich your vacation experiences and enhance your mood. We have called Arizona a second home for 5 years already and always enjoying exploring new state parks as well.

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