17 Great Romantic Dates for Penny-Pinchers

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The King of Frugal Fun shows you how to have a great date and spend nothing or almost nothing.
by Shel Horowitz

Hike to the top of a mountain for a picnic.

Take a rowboat out on a lake at sunset.

Go up to the top of a building in a large city.

Dress for a formal party, and then walk down the streets singing love songs.

Find a dark, romantic bistro with great coffees and desserts, or an independent book store that encourages browsing.

Find a rarely-used corner deep in the stacks of your library. Blow the dust off some musty old volume and read it aloud together. Steal a few hot kisses.

Pretend you've just won the lottery. "Shop" for your dream furnishings in elegant craft galleries, jewelry stores, and similar locales.

Test drive a sports car together.

Visit a specialty food factory--or a crafter's studio.

Browse a ritzy museum gift shop or art gallery.

Drive along the outer borders of your city or county, exploring new neighborhoods and villages where you've never been.

Ride a city's entire public rail transit system, going out on remote branch lines, just for the heck of it.

Spend the whole evening dressed and acting as characters from a play, movie, or book that you both enjoyed.

Speak only gibberish and let your thoughts be understood from your emotions, gestures, and tone.

Explore a wild and scenic place you've always wanted to check out.

Walk around celebrity neighborhoods, looking for glimpses of the rich and famous.

Do something completely out of character--something you ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead even thinking about.

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