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Thursday, March 18, 2010

We got dumped on with snow again! This is a view from my from window, of all the snow and my dirty car.
Most vehicles in town pretty much are looking like this or worst! The car washes had been making a killing over the last few weeks.Now once this melts, they will be lining their pockets again.Think I should have been in the car wash business- there are always line ups at the 2 we have in town.
When the weather was nicer, a few days ago, and all this was pretty much melted, Gerry and I were day dreaming again. Thoughts of having a cabin,retirement for him, travelling, and the usual Spring Fever thoughts, were going through our head.
We are still looking at cabins- but we don't want anything expensive or too far out of town. Ideally we would like to move our trailer to a spot near a lake on the outskirts, but apparently,( and I checked), nothing is available for freed up land.So, we're keeping our eyes peeled and our ears open.
Gerry still has at least 8 years to retire...he will be 50 this year, and I would love for him to retire right now, but we couldn't make all the payments if he did.He would take a big loss and we would be struggling.Since I have a great number of penny pinching books, I am going to start looking at books on retirement.
Would love to hear from any of our readers who are retired or have retired early and how your doing.
I sure hope your all enjoying your weather in your neck of the woods.I would love to see a view from your front windows...and may post a few.


  1. oh no.. more snow?

    We are having finally hot beautiful spring weather here in nyc. YAY. I had enough of the winter. Hope it warms up for you soon (hugs)

  2. Wow- lucky you. Today is the first day of Spring but you'd never know it here- still lots of snow.


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