The Great Bathroom Giveaway

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am trying to put together the Great Bathroom Giveaway- although that will be dependant on the sponsers I am able to round up.
We are renovating our washroom starting this weekend so I therefore thought a bathroom renovation giveaway would be great to have...
We are going to expand on the bathroom as it is, and Gerry is doing all the work himself. We bought some of the items we needed when I was working, and that were on sale: vanity, shower stall, tub,toliet...etc..
I really need a new tub. You can't even get it clean anymore- it looks like sometimes I don't even clean it! LOL ..So it's time.It's the original bathroom from about 25 years back.Cabinet is worn and breaking apart in spots as well.
I will keep everyone posted though.


  1. I love before and after pictures. Great your husband has good skills and can do himself. (enjoy your future new lavatory). (hugs)

  2. Yes, he can do alot...lucky at way...
    He has been busy today picking up some materials and now putting the vanity together. If only most things would come pre-assembled!


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