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Friday, March 5, 2010

I realized I haven't rambled for a while.I have been doing alot more product reviews and giveaways since I started the site that that in itself takes up my writing time.I have also started Spring cleaning- I love this time of year when I can open the windows, let some fresh air in and everything gets a fresh smell! Some of you may live in areas where you have nice weather year round- lucky you- but we have cold more than nice, so are super glad to see the sun when it shines!
I have filled some of of my posts as well with guest posts, which isn't too bad- it gives a perspective on different topics from different angles.I feel anyhow.Although I have been feeling guilty lately for not being more "personal".
I have reduced the price on the book to $9.99 plus shipping. Please note: this was the cost that I paid to have my book printed so it is a great deal for anyone....I am trying to pay down my debt incurred with this so if you can help out, please buy a book- it's great reading!
On another note-I quit my term job I had started 2 months ago. The money was great.. and I really only had to stay with it till the end of May, but it really wasn't what I wanted to do, was not happy with doing, and I was having some of my health issues that I mention in my book, get in the way.
I am looking for another job-but if I find one, I do, and if not, we are back to the one income family we were before.
Gerry is getting a good tax refund this year so that is a help towards reducing some debt, and towards renos on the bathroom and back entrance way.He will also be getting a company bonus this Spring too, so it will help with some things we want to plan, and keep our heads above water.
On another note- grad for Erika will be in June- and we've already had the added expense of photos and her dress. We have tried to teach her that not all should be handed to you though, and she has helped towards her dress. We hope to sell it on Ebay later and recoupe some of that as well.
Money, money , money.
Back  re-reading my frugal and penny pinching books's good for me to stay reminded to stay focused on being careful with what we do have.We still enjoy life but are always careful with choices we make.
With the nice weather though will come reduced power and heat bills so that will be nice. The new furnace we had installed in the Fall was a big money saver as well so we should have a nice sized credit coming back come June- as we are on equal billing with our propane heat.
Well, enough rambling for now-must get back to my ironing I started.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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