How to Save Money in this Economy: Dry Cleaning. Just say No!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A friend of mine recently was talking about how her husband has to get all of his shirts pressed at the dry cleaner.

The truth is it’s expensive, bad for the environment and easily avoided. I don’t go to the dry cleaner any more.

For pressing creases I do use an iron, but I bought a semi-professional steamer with a hanging rack from Rowenta, to get out wrinkles. It works very well on thinner materials, like blouses, rayon, synthetics and cotton shirts, but denim takes too long.

Also, I take things out of the dryer and shake them out immediately. For clothes that I would normally take to the dry cleaner I use my Dryel kit. I get dry cleaning results without the high costs. With the kit you get a bag to put your dry-cleaning in and dry cleaning sheets including a spot remover. You put the clothes and one sheet in the bag. Toss it in the dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes and then voila! You have beautiful, fresh wrinkle free clothes! I get great results.

If something, like a shirt, is very wrinkled, spray it with water and shake it out befor putting it in the bag. That should do the trick. Let’s fill up our piggy banks with savings and get some holiday beer. Oops, did I mean cheer?
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