Affordable Ways To Market Your Business

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marketing is one of the most important tools for 21st century businesses, and has been used more so than ever in the recent years in an attempt to overcome economic crisis.

Despite this however, the expensive PR stunts and big advertising campaigns that big businesses use are out of reach for medium and smaller-sized businesses that are already stretched to financial breaking point in most areas of day-to-day operations, never mind marketing – and that’s if they have any dedicated marketing staff on the payroll at all.

There are however a few methods that companies of almost any size can use to get more out of their outreach for little to no money, and here are a few of them:

1.       There are plenty of advertising opportunities that are more affordable and a lot more relevant than TV and billboard adverts. Firms that use vehicles can for a small fee place important company details and signs on the side of them, and if these vehicles are used by employees for personal use, perhaps a small subsidy on the price they already pay for the pleasure can be offered in order to persuade them.

Banners and signage on company property is another affordable option – the price of the sign in question is pretty much the only expense - and if designed and taken care of properly it can be an important signifier for the firm, especially if your property is in a noticeable place with plenty of footfall.

2.       Making sure that your company’s brand image to the outside world is a cohesive one is another way to market your firm. Using email footers for external communication should be based on a template that includes name, position, company logos and even details of any relevant industry awards. These show professionalism whilst promoting the company every time an email is sent.

Business cards are also an excellent marketing tool, and all senior staff at least should have cards showing the company logo and details as well as the details of the owner of the cards. This is completely free advertising on your behalf, and every time one of these cards is given out, the name of the business is being spread.

Another cheap marketing option in many industries is merchandise and using pens or gift bags with company slogans on acts as free advertising. Buying cheap office supplies by Rajapack and personalising them with logos can be a cheap and easy way to market your firm.

3.       Social networking has become an increasingly indispensable tool in marketing, for those who know how to manipulate it effectively. Having all staff on a site like LinkedIn, networking with other industry professionals and providing their opinion on the latest trends in blogs and comment boards will give your company a presence on the internet, which although might take a while to craft, will ultimately pay dividends. To be known as a cutting edge thinker in the industry, abreast of latest developments is a huge boon, and could also eventually start to bring in new business as your reputation precedes you.

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