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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Well, we made it back home safe and sound, although Gerry managed to pick himself up a bad cold on the last two days of our travel.It is good to be home though, and I've already almost caught up with my laundry we had, and going through my mail.Went out today and picked up some food.Didn't get alot as I hadn't yet seen the flyers, but enough to get us through a few days.One of the envelopes in the mail contained a $50 President's Choice gift card I had won online before we left. Also won $100 yesterday on a $5 scratch lottery ticket.

Gerry is busy outdoors today, despite the crappy weather, putting new skirting on the trailer. The next few days are calling for heavy rain though so he wants to get as much done of it as he can.

We had a guy over today looking over our roof. We need to get a new roof on the trailer and are getting quotes right now.We also want to pick up the shingles and building materials ourselves as we can get Areoplan points at our Home Hardware store.Points we can use towards hotel stays, gift cards, gas, etc..Gerry may help with the work as well so there will be less of a labor cost, but it's too much for him to do on his own he said.

This next upcoming weekend I am getting a small dog.We will be travelling out of town once again, to pick him up.( 4 hour drive south of here).The owner is asking $200 for him and he will need to be fixed up . He is a male Yorkie/Chihuahua. I will be sure to post photos of him once he arrives!


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