Charlotte's Tria Laser Hair Removal Experience

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I was looking forward to using my new home laser hair system as I’d read a lot about them and the Tria laser hair removal reviews had seemed pretty good. The item was well packaged with its own case to store the charger and hand unit as well as plenty of instructions. The Tria system is the same as is used in professional hair removal clinics, but I read through the instructions and the high tech system is remarkably easy to use.

Is it for you?
After activating my device I performed a simple test to see if my skin was within the skin tone limits. If your skin tone is dark it can be prone to burning so there are appropriate safety controls with this device. I’ve been a moderate to heavy sun bed user for a couple of years and this worried me slightly because I was not expecting the system to work with me. Fortunately, I received a green light and I was okay to go ahead.
Under advice, I decided to try a small area first to check if there were any bad reactions and this would limit any damage or discomfort. I chose a sensitive part of my body and nothing untoward had happened by the following day so I went for it.

Using the Hand Held Device
I shaved my legs whilst bathing before using the laser as this is what the instructions stated was necessary. The Tria permanent hair removal system is simple to use and it can be done while sitting down and watching television. When the head of the laser is put to your skin it will signal with a beep to let you know that it has started and then again to inform you that the area has been treated and you can move on. The Tria laser hair removal reviews I had read had said it was best to move in a pattern of back and forth and then switch directions so that to make cross-hatch pattern to be sure the area is completely covered. I had done this on a sizeable patch of my leg, always making sure I overlapped the previous position. The system is a little time consuming, but not difficult and I had no doubts that it would be worth it if it meant not shaving.

The Pain Factor
Considering I had treated a large area, the Tria laser hair removal had not given me any cause to complain. I could adjust the intensity, but as I wanted things to progress quickly I set it at maximum to begin with. After about 15 minutes I turned it down because I could definitely feel it working and I set it at half power for the rest of my leg. The sensation is like was like a light sting when it was on the highest setting, but almost sensation free when it was on medium. It can’t really be described as pain, but I can imagine some people overdoing things early on.

The Results of Using the Tria Hair Removal System
There were immediately noticeable changes as the hairs on my leg were beginning to fall out as they appeared. This happened for a couple of weeks and then I treated the area again. This time the results were far more noticeable and the hair is thinner and staying away for longer. I can see this being a complete and permanent hair removal treatment with just another one or two sessions which will mean no more shaving for me. I’m glad I had read the Tria laser hair removal reviews because the system has given me a lot more confidence.

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  1. This is very good review of this product. I also want to try having a laser hair removal done on my facial hair.

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