June 2- Trip Day #2

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yesterday we spent 6 hours driving to Saskatoon,(as this is where we catch our plane).Saw a brown bear in the ditch on the way here,as well as a dead,stinky skunk and a deer.We live in an area surrounded by lakes and forest so animals on the road can be expected, although I had never seen a bear on the side of the road before.It's sooner deer we'll see.

We stopped at the casino here yesterday but didn't win anything.We're never lucky when we go,(as we stop here everytime we come to the city), and we both say we're not coming back, but we always do.We have fun playing,but walk away feeling bad about "throwing money away" when we don't win.

Went out to supper at Montana's and only paid $9 since I had a $25 gift voucher from my Scene card points.

Picked up a book at the used book store.One thing I find about some used book stores is they are cluttered as this one was. Too many books and not enough shelf space, so often hard to browse.

Today we'll have our free continental breakfast.Super 8 has also offered a free collectible comic book of the Aventures and should get two free movie tickets to any movie,since this was our second night stay we had collected since their promotion.

May do a bit of shopping this morning since we don't fly out till this afternoon, and then on to Bozeman.


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