Day 3-Montana

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, I must say I'm disappointed with Blogger at this point and/or my lap top.I tried uploading photos that I have taken today, and they just will not load up.Went down to the business centre and still couldn't get Blogger to work there as well, so I apologize for lack photos today.I hope to submit them if I can, at the next hotel I stay at tommorow...see if things will work then for me.

***Update- photos loaded- had to install Google Chrome so quite happy with this.

                                        PHOTO: OUTSIDE OUR HOTEL WINDOW NEXT MORNING


We arrived into Bozeman late last night. Had a flight delay in Denver that got us in later, plus our GPS was not giving us good directions as we spent time trying to find our hotel: Homewood Suites.We arrived here last night and were very tired.The staff however were very nice and got us all settled.Such a nice place to stay if your in this area.We have a king bed suite: clean and comfortable.I can't say enough good things about this hotel.

Today we visited The Museum of The Rockies- there were dinosaur bones, western history, and our favorite, The Living History Farm,that we truly enjoyed.The Living History Farm offered us a chance to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Homesteading Era.It was quite interesting.

                                          PHOTO: MUSEUM OF THE ROCKIES

We made a stop as well at the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, but were quite disappointed.One bear was out and we were told if we wanted to see any of the others, we had to come back every couple of hours once the others were let out.We didn't come back. We didn't want to be running back and forth to see one bear at a time.Plus there really wasn't anything else for us to do there to wait around in the meantime for.It appeared to be low budget. Save your money and go to the Grizzly&Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.

Near the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is also the Imax Theatre. I highly recommend a visit here as well.We watched a 40 minute movie on the history of Yellowstone National Park. This is an interesting movie that any age would enjoy watching on the big screen.The cost was $18 for the 2 of us, but save your receipts and you can come back in the next day or two and see one of their other movies playing for $5 each.

                                        PHOTO: GRIZZLY & WOLF DISCOVERY CENTER

We made the drive and found it much more appealing.Keep in mind though that from Bozeman to West Yellowstone, it was over a 2 hour drive each way, but very nice scenary!

It seems to be another late night up, so off to bed and we'll see what tommorow brings.


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