We're Cracking Up!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our addition in the trailer is cracking all over.The area in which we live is very unstable as we basically live in a swamp. The area used to be swamp and then was filled in years ago. 
The addition is just my exercise room now and used to be Erika's bedroom. 
The cracks are all over the walls in there.
Gerry said the only way to correct the issue is to drive piles down to get below the frost line and have the addition sitting on piles. The area under the addition appears to be be worse than the trailer as the addition cracks more.
He has found over the years owning the property that the area from the back deck to the back yard is more stable than the area in which the addition is on. If we were going to do anything, he said he would look at moving the addition to the back of the trailer rather than where it is.
All that involves $$ though.
Next year with his company bonus we are planning on re-siding the trailer and the workshop he built a year or two ago.


  1. Boy, that looks really familiar! Most of our window and door openings look like that. Other places in the walls and ceilings also show some cracking. I hate it, but definitely don't have money to repair it.

  2. Mine are doing the same thing! It's awful!

  3. Is your home's foundation not the greatest then Michele?


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