Surviving Blue Monday

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did you know that Monday January 21 is, according to scientists, the most depressing day of the year? The date is calculated on using many factors such as weather, debt level, failing New Year’s resolutions, low motivation levels and time since Christmas.

Let’s not let Blue Monday get us down, true we may not want to venture outside and get some vitamin D, but there are still ways to show Monday who is boss. If you are looking for something to do that still keeps you warm and toasty, check out  this post for a fun, free entertainment idea to pass the time. Alternatively, this might be a good day to buy to do a little bit of online, just because it is a depressing day, you never know if you get lucky.

Spend this day with your family, friends or if the mood suits you just enjoy it on your own doing something that you love but you never seem to have time for, such as read a good book with a glass of wine, or try a new recipe. You may even decide to brave the cold and go for a walk around the neighbourhood, who knows maybe you will even run into people whom you have not seen since the snow first hit the ground. Whatever you choose to do just be happy

Just because this is the most horrible of all Mondays do not let it get you down, remember spring is just around the corner.

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