Lego City: A Toy That Grows With The Kids

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lego seems to have been around forever but with good reason – it can keep the kids quiet for hours and can grow with them. The Lego City series is probably the most recognizable of the franchise as it brings to life everyday goings on and offers a wealth of possibilities for your child’s imagination.

Encapsulating all of the various sets that represent what is found in a real city – a fire department, police station, train, airport, and even a mine – your kid’s Lego City can grow one step at a time into a bustling metropolis.

One of the real advantages of Lego City is that it offers kids a puzzle as well as a toy. They learn how to follow instructions to construct their kit and become absorbed for hours, learning valuable techniques and developing cognitive skills, which will be useful as they grow.

There are still hours of fun after they assemble the kit because most of the sets come with impressive movable parts that make it easy for kids to weave stories together about life in the city. For example, the mining set comes complete with a spinning drill for digging up rubble and the police station has an evidence room, sliding cell doors, and a kennel for the police pooches that are also included in the unit.

Recommended for kids over the age of six, boys and girls alike will love customizing their cities and letting their imaginations take over.

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