Tuesday-January 1-New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Gerry and I took out the skidoo today but after half hour, I was ready to come home. Just too cold for me. Should have had mini gloves under my mitts, and a warmer sweater, and wool socks I guess,but I didn't. I get cold easy though.Always say I need to be living somewhere warm for part of our cold winters. Someday I hope.Is there anyone else that gets away for part of the year, escaping to better weather? I'd love to hear from you!

Erika and her boyfriend came over once we were back, and took out the skidoo next, but I made sure she was dressed with the extras that I didn't take.I had them give us some money for gas for the skidoo-and not that we can't afford it, but to teach responsibility that gas does have to be paid by someone, and if they are using it, something should be paid for gas.

I cut some sausage and cheese up for snacks for tonight, and also have crackers and pickles to munch. 

See by my calendar I have three birthdays to buy for this month. Like to get my cards bought early and not leave gifts till the last minute either.

Sorted through my coupons last night and got rid of all the ones ending for Dec 31st. Now my coupon holder now feels "thin". Going to sort today as well through all my catalogs, magazines and books and recycle the outdated or donate others that we haven't paid much attention to. Other than that, it's a quiet day.


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