Great Travel Tips For 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

With 2013 upon us, it’s time to start planning the holidays for this year if you haven’t already. The big question of course, is where to go?!?! With many people still suffering from a difficult economy, affordability is key, but with so many fantastic destinations out there it’s also important to spread your wings and sample somewhere new.

Below are some of our tips on seeing wonderful travel destinations in 2013, without breaking the bank:


India is an incredible country, with a vast array of beautiful destinations. Many people flock to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its majestic glory, whilst others head for the beaches of Goa, many of whom struggle to leave. For those who like to hit cultural experiences head on, Delhi is hectic, manic and runs at a non stop pace, with bizarre, unexpected experiences around every corner. From cows walking down the main road to people spilling out the windows of buses as they pack them to the rafters, Delhi is a pure attack on the senses. Then there is Jaipur, the pink city. This is a beautiful place and far more relaxed (in Indian terms!) than Delhi. Hotels in Jaipur are affordable and food is virtually free if you’re visiting from a Western country, though with no lack of flavor! Whatever you’re looking for from a holiday destination, India can cater for it.

Group Travel

One way to make your travel more affordable is by travelling in groups and on tours with numerous people. This allows tour operators to get you cheaper tickets for entry into events, transport and hotels. Whilst they obviously take a cut, you often find you will save money, and hassle, as well. One great thing to do this for is in specialist markets like choir tours. You can visit incredible places like Vienna and get an insight into incredible places which you would never otherwise get access to. You end up on trips with like-minded people, seeing amazing places that you are interested in and all at the same, if not less, cost than if you tried yourself. If you haven’t tried group travel before then 2013’s the time!

Go Backpacking!

One way to make a trip cheaper is to do everything on a budget! It might sound obvious, but if you go on holiday and travel by bus instead of train, stay in hostels instead of hotels and eat in local eateries rather than tourist restaurants you can save a lot of money and see even more places than you can if you book into a resort for a week. You need to be able to cope with living out of a backpack and not having the nicest amenities at your beck and call, but if you can do that you can have the holiday of a lifetime on the tightest holiday budget yet.

This is a guest post from John: a travel lover and key contributor to Ezee Mobile Insurance who can help you insure your belongings whilst you travel the world.

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