Glasses Are Not Your Only Option

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whenever someone receives their first eyeglasses prescription, they go through a series of steps. First there is the denial, the argument that you do not need the glasses followed by the eventual acceptation. These days there is not a lot of stigma attached to wearing your spectacles; in fact many people embrace the concept of having “four eyes”. Many people have a love hate relationship with their glasses, and it is that relationship that leads many to try out wearing contacts for the first time. Often, they fall in love with them from the very start. If you are not yet convinced about the virtue of contacts, check out these few reasons why you should consider them.

They make napping easier: 
Who does not love a good afternoon nap? Although you shouldn't wear your contacts to sleep, many of us have involuntarily fallen asleep on the couch while watching television, or in the car. If you wear glasses and have an accidental nap, you will spend a considerable amount of time searching for them afterward only to find them tangled up in your hair. Besides, the arms of glasses making difficult to fall asleep in public transportation as they put constant pressure on your temples.

You enjoy sunlight again
True, they make prescription sunglasses these days, but for someone who constantly loses their sunglasses, contacts are fantastic. You no longer have to switch your glasses between indoor and outdoor use. How often have you tried to put your sunglasses on top of your existing glasses while driving in the car against sunlight? It’s awkward. With contact lenses you simply slip on your sunglasses and you no longer have to drive with one hand while blocking out the sun with another.

They are convenient:
These days getting and wearing contact lenses is super convenient. You no longer have to order through your optometrist, but can easily order contacts online and they are delivered right to your door. Contacts are also designed to fit your needs. You can choose daily contacts that are designed for sensitive eyes and that you can simply throw out at the end of the day. There are also weekly and monthly contact lenses options. With a great variety to choose from, so you will always have something to suit your eyes.

They do not ‘date’you:
Glasses are wonderful, and you can find some super funky frames to suit your face and make you look stylish. The problem is when you look back on photos you can usually tell what decade it was by the type of glasses that the photo subject is wearing. So for big occasions such as graduations or weddings, even the most devoted glasses wearers opt to put in the contacts so that their pictures do not look older before their time. By simply putting in contact lenses you avoid playing ‘which decade is this’ game with your grandchildren.

Do not let bad vision get you down; glasses are not your only option on the road to 20/20 vision.

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