Thursday- January 17

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ever heard the one where " the joke's on you?" Well, it sort of happened to me yesterday.
I was getting a microwave, ( last one on the shelf and out of the box). We had a gift card and are replacing our old one that is above the stove. The one I saw on the store shelf had a scratch by the door so I asked for a discount and got it for $10 off but the manager had the cashier write : "final sale" on the receipt. I wasn't too worried. When I got home to show Gerry the "scratch"- he rubbed it and it wasn't a scratch but a dirt mark.Well, I thought- I really did get a deal, until we plugged it in and set it up. The turntable doesn't work! 

Gerry is going to try to take the lid off today and see if any of the connectors are perhaps not connected.The service centre said it could be that or the motor itself. At this point they weren't sure. And of course we don't live near the service centre. I will be sure to update you all. Gerry thinks I should still see if the store will take it back, but I said I doubt it when it's final sale. Will see if he can find the problem later.

On another note,guess we're off to Memphis in March! Gerry has to go for a few days for work training  and I can come along as long as I pay for my plane ticket. His meals will be reimbursed, his plane ticket paid, and hotel for a few days, but we will still be staying a couple of days past his training, so we can see some sites, so that will be our own bill. Also will need to leave Jake at the kennels, and get a rental car when there. It will be close to our other trip, which will be in April, to Phili and Atlantic City. We have our timeshare visit to use, so have decided to go there for a week. Always hate leaving Jake as he is such a mommy's boy. He loves to be sitting on our laps all the time, in the bed or anywhere close.But we can't not travel because we have a pet. 

It's been so cold here that I dread going outdoors. Been in the high -30's with the windchill.
Hope the weather is warmer where you are! Brrrr!!!

** Update on the microwave: Gerry came home, and took it apart, to find that the electrical wires were not connected properly to the turntable.Of two wires, only one was connected.


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