Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ahhhh, after a long journey on the plane, many hours awake and one incredibly long taxi ride to the hotel, you slip between the white crisp sheets lay your head on the pillow and fall blissfully asleep….only to be awaken by itching and scratching. Bed bugs!
Lately we have heard a lot about them and how an infestation can occur from a single insect. Worse yet- you can take them with you in your luggage or clothing. Anxious about these insects, I have tried Buggy Beds- a bed bug detection system that I saw on Shark Tank. You place the monitors on the underneath of your mattress and it attracts bed bugs and other pests, which become stuck to it. Once you know there is a problem you can fix it by calling an exterminator or in case of travel switching hotel rooms. Luckily, there were no bed bugs in our bed, except maybe for our dog Jake! 
This little system will be a must have for when we travel, so that we don’t bring home any little hitchhikers. It will be interesting to use in hotels. Of course we really don't want to find anything, but this is a must for travelling.
By checking ahead you can save yourself an itch you cannot scratch.

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