If You Gamble, Do It Responsibly

Friday, March 21, 2014

While some people have a fairly negative attitude to gambling, nowadays the majority of people consider it to be mainly harmless fun. The vast majority of people are able to enjoy gambling at a casino online for what it is, and although a few people might go a little astray that is no reason to restrict it from people who are able to gambling in their stride. There are interesting parallels between responsible gambling and responsible drinking. Most people are able to enjoy drinking alcohol without being silly about it and drinking to excess and most people don’t spend any more money on it that they can afford or that they wish to.

Gambling sensibly is really all about using your common sense. It is obvious that you shouldn’t spend any more money on gambling than you can afford to lose, but an alternative way of viewing this is that the money you spend on gambling isn’t money that you have actually lost, it is money that you have spent having fun and entertainment. For instance, when you go to a gig you don’t consider the amount of money that you have spent on your tickets is lost money, you think of it as the money you paid in order to go to the concert. You might subsequently wonder if it was worth the money if the concert wasn’t a good one, but if it was really good then you are going to be pleased that you paid only what you did. 

Gambling is the same; the money that you have spent on it is simply the amount that you spend for enjoying the process and thrill of gambling. Effectively we are saying that you don’t gamble to lose and you don’t gamble to win. You gamble to have fun. When you win, then that is a bonus and when you lose you haven’t lost at all. The same applies to live gambling or gambling at an online casino; gambling responsibly is easy.

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