Sunday March 9

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow- isn't March just zipping by- we're already over a week into it.

We'll be packing tomorrow morning and off to Saskatoon,( 5- 6 hour drive), then flying out to Calgary that evening.  

Started my Spring cleaning today.Spring cleaning in our place isn't hard work for me. I sort and declutter all year long. And I keep it fairly clean in here. For example, I started with our second washroom today. It was a quick wash down of the toilet and vanity in there and floor. Only other thing I really needed to do was wash inside the vanity, clean inside our cupboard which holds sheets and blankets and clean the door, light fixture, and bathroom fan. 

We noticed we have to replace the flooring in there though, as when we had toilet issues, the water backed up through the toilet seal and under the flooring.Causing the flooring to warp.

It was the older Walmart flooring we had in there and hadn't changed it when did the last complete home, floor redo with Home Depot. 

When we stop in Saskatoon, we have to get more of the flooring, ( and hopefully it is still in stock). Will be redoing that bathroom, and also the floor in the spare room off the porch, which used to be Erika's old room and now waiting for us to vamp it into a guest room.

I am looking forward to hitting the Dollar Store and looking for bargains, visiting with our daughter and boyfriend, and just getting away... talk soon !


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