Review: A Moment With Terri Jay

Monday, March 17, 2014

Recently, I had a “reading” with Terri Jay. She is an Intuitive Messenger, who picks up on messages and information for others. This includes pets, people who have passed away, or those who cannot communicate due to a variety of reasons, including health. Her experience is also prominent in grief counselling as well as life coaching. This unusual area of expertise makes her a very interesting person to talk about your life with.

I found the reading to be interesting in a variety of ways. Terri Jay does not read what will or will not happen in your future. She will help you think more positively about your life and situations and help you use the power of positive thought to help shape desirable outcomes to come to you. Kind of like a life coach idea. I left the reading feeling more empowered, which is always a really good thing.

Thank you Terri for giving of your time.

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