Tuesday- March 18th

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I don't usually write mid -week to share "about us" happenings, but I am missing out on my afternoon walk at the rink today with my sister. We've had so much snow since we got back from Calgary, that it makes me hate winters even more. My sister's car has bad tires, so she got stuck today in her driveway, so is doing some shoveling till Gerry comes home later on and can go low by her place and get her car unstuck.

                                         ( Snow is quite high down our back walkway.. must looks like mountains to Jakey when he walks down this way.)

Am having some delays still with my ex- husband's lawyer and a settlement I am waiting on, for my portion of a pension, while I was married to him. It's already costed me $1500 and there are now more delays from their side. Going into court may be an option but will end up costing more money. I guess as long as I come ahead in the end. It's already been 4- 5 months. My sister is going through some of her own lawyer issues, although she has Legal Aide and doesn't have to foot the bill like me.Has been waiting a year for a child support settlement. everything just takes so long.

We recently saved Erika some heartache and money. She still hasn't been able to find work since moving to Calgary in January, and had car payments of over $350 to make a month. She did have money saved for a few months but that just ran out, so since she only owed $3600 on the car, Gerry paid it off, and she is going to pay us payments till she can pay it off. She's hoping that as soon as a job comes along she can pay more than $100 a month and get it paid off. She was originally paying 7%+ interest on the car loan. We put it on our "empty" credit line for 6% , but got an offer in the mail about moving balances with this one bank to a lower interest, after we got back from Calgary - but after calling the bank, were still able to get her 3% on the balance of the loan. So everyone is happy!

Always be sure to read those offers you get in the mail with your regular providers, or new ones for that matter. You never know when you'll get a good offer to save yourself some money.

Have to make a call to dentist in the morning- appt. next week but don't think I'll last that long. Something not right and alot of sensitivity top and bottom, same side. Thank goodness for Orajel!

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