Sunday March 2

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hard to believe we're almost through winter again and it's March.  I've remembered in the past years when I would have had my Spring cleaning started already. Days I was able to open the windows and let some fresh air in. However, this polar vortex most of us are in, is really keeping that from happening. It has been so, so cold. The wind chills unreal! Feel like cabin fever is coming on and even the dog gets restless, and I'm sure we're more tired, lazy and eating more!  We think of spending winters away all the time.
Hopefully it will let up this month, as we are also heading to Calgary next week. We had our water freeze up at the other end of the trailer again. Luckily no pipes broke but Gerry said we will have to wait till it warms up before using the second bathroom again.Come Spring or Summer he has to go under there again and fix the problem, so we don't have the same issue next winter. But too cold to do too much now- as he froze his fingers this last time under there, even with 2 pairs of gloves on.

Gerry was taking pictures of our kitchen and taking measurements today, as we are going to be looking at cupboards when we are in the city. It will be a big expense. I'm hoping no more than $4,000 but Gerry feels it will be more. We've had money saved plus Gerry is taking some from his Canada Savings Bonds. We will be lucky again this year to get tax money back and he has another yearly company bonus coming his way a few months after that.

Wanted to show you the before pictures of our kitchen and cupboards. And no, we can't paint over them. They are made from compressed wood- like  particle board.I would have went with that option if possible. But we will be shopping around and getting a few quotes before we buy.  Also want to replace the white stand up cupboard and microwave stand .

We've put them off the cupboards the  longest for home renos as they really are one of the bigger expenses. Of course there was our roof we did and the siding, within the last couple of years, on the outside. Can't do everything all at once but happy what we've been able to do and not have any debt doing it.

Also picture below of one of the many birds that stops here to eat Jake's scraps he doesn't eat, and we throw out. Always looks around for a while to make sure the coast is clear before he swoops off the fence and picks up the tidbits thrown in the snow.


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