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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Well, we made it home last night about 10 pm. Were suppose to be home a day earlier but that all got messed up. On Friday we flew out of Phoenix on a connecting flight into Denver that was suppose to take us home. Turned out that there was some mechanical problems with one plane and made our plane 2 hours off schedule. That in turned made us late for our connecting flight. Long story short- it was a nightmare. We had to stay in Denver an extra night, where the airline put us up at a "not so nice hotel in our standards", and with no luggage I might add, since they sent it on ahead with our next day's flight already. We had our carry on bag that had my lap top, which was a good thing though, as I was able to cancel a hotel I had booked in Saskatoon, message the kennels where Jakey was staying to tell them we'd be late, plus message family.

The next day was a morning flight that the hotel provided a 10 minute free shuttle service to the airport.
Well, I must have had a touch of something and was both stomach sick and extremely nauseated.I thought for sure I was going to be sick in the shuttle. Got to the airport, bought some Imodium and some Gravol, and started taking those. The flight was 2 hours- and I didn't think I was going to make it, but somehow I did. By the time we landed, the pills were already kicking in and I was feeling better. But a terrible feeling to have to travel like that.

We picked up the truck at the airport in Saskatoon and actually headed over quickly to an RV dealer, where we bought a 1998 Winnebago Brave 31'. We put a deposit on it and will  pick it up in the next week or two. ( A new electric step and hot water heater are being installed).
We're thinking if we can buy them , do a bit of inside work to them, and resell with a profit, we will eventually have the last one we own, in a sense, paid for. So, we'll see how that goes.

When we got home Gerry had a phone message on the phone that he won a survey contest he had done on snowmobiles. Won a $200 gift certificate towards a new helmet. Funny thing is, he is selling his snowmobile and helmets he has right now, ( money will go towards the rv we bought), but hoping he will be able to use the gift certificate for something else in the store it's issued at.

Nice to be back home though. It will take a bit of catching back up on everything, but I'm already slowly getting there. Talk again soon- "Long Island Medium" on soon and don't like to miss. One of our favorite shows :)


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