Tuesday April 22

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy to say that the snow is finally receding and rain is in the forecast, which would help it to go that much faster. It sure has been a long winter. Longer for some than others, as some people go away in the winter on hot holidays, and others are left here to "deal with it". Ourselves, we were lucky to go away a few weeks ago to warm Arizona. But I must say I did feel guilty being in the warmth of the sun while Jakey and our family were still back home in the cold. 

We have been trying to sell our snow machine, but no luck. I knew there was a possibility that it just might be too late in the year already when Gerry decided he was going to sell it. We did get one helmet sold though, but were hoping to have sold the machine to use that money towards the rv we had bought. Gerry will be picking up this Friday I guess. Has to take the bus to go pick it up in Saskatoon.. may be a 10 hour plus bus ride. The rv place wanted $1500 to bring it to us- way too much!
Anyone else own an rv, I'd love to hear from you.


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