Review: Glasses From Clearly Contacts

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review By: Gerry

As most people who wear glasses are all too aware of, the cost of getting glasses can be very prohibitive.

Luckily, many are discovering the pure joy of buying glasses online through The experience is amazing. You have hundreds of frames to choose from and you can make the lenses as specialized as you want. You can add bifocals, anti-scratch, or transitions and more. You can even upload your photo to the website and check out how the glasses will look like on you so you are not buying blindly (pun intended!). With a generous return policy you will never get stuck with a product you do not like.

Gerry recently reviewed a pair that he picked out online and is really impressed.

The prescription was dead on, the fit good, and they really weren't any different than a pair you pick out at your optometrist- except for the price!

We've gotten glasses from Clearly Contacts in the past and have always been satisfied.

Gerry particularly loves his lenses scratch proof coated AND loves his transitions! This was most important for him to have after having an eye exam over a year ago, when it was noticed that he had issues with his eyes because of the sun, and didn't always wear sunglasses. With his transitions, his glasses always keep his eyes well protected.

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