Clearing Snow

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gerry decided to take the quad today to the front yard and get rid of all the piles of lingering snow. Flattening it out will help melt it alot quicker.

Never got a chance to get the rv brought home yesterday,( rv is in Saskatoon still). Road conditions coming back home- doing the 5-6 hour drive from Saskatoon were bad in parts, so looks like Gerry will make another attempt on Wednesday possibly. I think now that is our dentist appts we had scheduled but no surprise he would pick that day to get out of one! LOL

We are staying put in May. Ria is coming back from Honduras, and Gerry also had a worker put in notice at work- his assistant- so the company has to hire someone else and he'll have to be training as well. So any travelling is out.
Told him May would be a good month to put the new kitchen cupboards in. (We still haven't bought anything, as we have been carefully shopping around with that, and have a budget that we really don't want to go over. But Gerry is getting more serious now on quotes and such, so we'll be making a decision soon.)

He bought a chain saw on Friday as well. He had won a $200 gift card not long ago for a snow machine helmet, but was able to use the gift certificate at the dealer's for anything else he wanted. He chose a chain saw, as he said he will cut his own wood for the shop, this winter.


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