Things That I Was Suppose To Say Yesterday

Monday, April 28, 2014

I had plans to write this yesterday but just never got around to it...but since I want to get onto Pinterest and do some surfing before bed, I'll share some updates around here- short and sweet. Love Pinterest don't you?

Gerry painted the porch this weekend. It has been a light pink since I moved in here with him about 7-8 years ago. Because the colors were similar in shading, he was able to use up some paint left from the kitchen I believe, and got away using one coat of paint.

I saw some bugs over the weekend as well, even though we still have snow. There was a butterfly, a small month, and a spider on the wall that I "flushed".. hate bugs. Even the good ones ok?

I was able to sell a contest win I had from a few months ago, that I got $70 for, so that will be going towards new bedding for the rv. Think Gerry may be going this week to pick it up. Already put the insurance on it.I already have something planned for a summer trip, but as well have to look into getting something hooked up so I have Wi-Fi. I still love to blog and be connected to the world when the mood strikes.

I've had to take all my rings off yesterday , till I find something that will keep them safely on. After losing weight a few months back, I lost some fat on my fingers too and my rings move a bit too much. I had lost my wedding ring on Sunday. Good thing Gerry found it in the house. But they'll stay off till I get something to fix them on a bit better.Maybe I'll buy a pair of tungsten rings as spare.

Ria will be home next month as well, after being gone for 5 months down in Honduras.She'll come back to a summer  job at the zoo. Not sure what her fiance will be doing. She had sub let her apt while she was gone, and he had quit a job he had. May get back on there or may get summer work in the parks. Not sure what their plans will be for next Fall, or where they'll go. She hates the snow and the cold, just like me. So know she'll be leaving again.
We'll enjoy her while she's here though :)

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