Making Supper Just Got Easier With Idahoan Potatoes

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Potatoes have been part of dinner for generations. However, sometimes all the prep work involved can be a hassle. Idahoan potatoes have got you covered for dinner, with minimum effort and maximum taste. Try something different like scalloped potatoes with rich and creamy sauce. Or for everyone's favorite instant potatoes, it is sure to be a hit in everyone's house. Add some gravy and you can have the holiday favorite meal any night of the week. With a lot less work, and huge taste you can spend a lot more time enjoying dinner time with your family, rather than slaving over the stove.

Gerry and I got the chance to sample the assortments of Idahoan potatoes and really liked the quickness of whipping up the instant potatoes for supper. 

I personally love instant potatoes as well, and would rather eat them over potatoes I cut up, boil and mash myself. I think Gerry is more of the boiled and mashed potato guy but loves trying new food. 

Gerry found their Homestyle Casserole potatoes  more to his liking. Easy to fix as well, and very flavorful, but a bit more time required for cook time, compared to instant.

All in all we loved the ease of the cooking, and the types and flavors available. We give Idahoan potatoes a thumbs up!

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