Saturday July 26

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm feeling a little guilty about not writing for a while. This week has been busy though with our daughter, boyfriend and pets in town. 

They have been staying in our RV as we don't have a guest room, but it's worked fine for them. Came for the week for a wedding this weekend. Brought their dog and rabbit, 11 hours from here. Staying out at the lodge for the weekend though, where the wedding is, and we're pet sitting. They are heading back home tomorrow.

Gerry has been busy renovating the kitchen, so it's take out night tonight, as I have lost my stove and kitchen sink- but I don't mind not cooking -LOL
Sold my white pantry and replaced it with a brown one. 

My kids are saying I have too much brown in the house now...not sure on that. I guess it is mostly beige and brown and try to add some splash of color to each room. 

We haven't had any luck with selling our RV locally, so we are hoping to make a trade deal in a few weeks, down in Alberta, for a bigger unit. More miles on it than ours but more of what we want. Our plan is to trade it on our way out for our trip to Montana, so will see in the next few days if we can still make a deal with the dealership.

Saw the specialist earlier this week in the city for my tailbone pain I've had for the last year almost. Found out through x-rays that I had broke my tailbone at some point, and have Coccydynia- quite possibly caused when I fell down the stairs when i was younger, but not sure. I do have osteoarthritis now in it and because I lost weight last year, I lost the padding on my butt and feel it more but it's always been there since the incident. The doctor said it will never get better but it wont get worst. Am also now taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements. I am lactose intolerant so he said best to take, and because of where we live in the north here, and little sun, best to get the Vitamin D as well. Arizona here we come!

Everyone have a good weekend and will talk again soon... time soon to order some supper.


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