Sunday- July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I think Gerry is really going to find it hard getting up at 6 am tomorrow, after being off work for a week! Staying up till midnight watching tv, when he normally is in bed by 10 pm.. 

He had taken the week off as it was suppose to be our trip to Montana, (which we have since re-scheduled to the first week of August now.) Thought he was going to head back to work, but he decided to still stay home, even though the trip was short lived. 

We've had troubles with the rv and just got it a few months ago. Had been doing the fix ups on our own, but after the generator went, that was the last straw and we tried working with the dealer who sold it to us, but to no satisfaction. So I have filed a claim with the BBB. We at least want the generator repaired. And not at our expense, so will see how all this turns out. Still trying to trade it in or sell it though. Do still want a newer and bigger one, but without spending too much more. I told Gerry when the mortgage and his truck are paid off that's different but don't want to pay more than we are already with this one. So we're fixing, and looking around at the same time. Not alot for choice in our area at all. Especially within our budget.
Erika, Jon and their pets will be in next weekend for the week so we'll be sitting still at home, and will have to also reset up the rv as they may be spending a few days sleeping in there.

Had to turn the furnace on today. Terrible you think it's mid July, but it's cold in here, even with a sweater and slippers. Even the dog is trying to warm up. The furnace had actually cut in early this morning- it's what woke me up I think. Only 13 degrees right now. Suppose to drop to 10 tonight. The other day we got a $600 hydro bill! I know we freaked out too- especially when we are on equal billing and used to paying $160 every month, but apparently it was the year end catch up bill. They said they hadn't charged us enough monthly during the year, plus we've had a colder and LONGER winter. Our next equal billing payments will be $210 monthly they said.

Our kitchen cupboards arrived and the counter tops next week. Appliance are in too next week, so Gerry will be busy.

Have been also baking up storms lately and trying all sorts of new recipes.
Did this copycat one yesterday- for you pumpkin lovers- Starbucks Pumpkin Bread with Crumb Topping.

Then had 1/4 cup pumpkin left from my can
so today going to bake the Peanut Butter Pumpkin Banana Squares. Need to turn the oven back on and warm it up in here! Have a good one everyone.


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